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Are you looking to revolutionize the service provider industry? Imagine enabling a handyman to access opportunities and benefits similar to those available to other professionals in the field. We offer an innovative app tailored for service providers that serves as a perfect launching pad for your ideas. It's designed to evolve and adapt, ensuring we can meet your objectives and expand the marketplace together. Seize the opportunity to provide transformative experiences for service providers. Contact us for a complimentary consultation and begin making a difference today.

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Each solution we develop is meticulously designed with a foundation of security, infused with logical architecture, and enhanced by creative insights. We commit to delivering top-tier, white-labeled applications that excel in performance, bridging the divide between your business and your intended audience. Leveraging cutting-edge, multi-platform frameworks, we conduct comprehensive quality assessments to ensure our applications meet the highest standards before their market launch.


Branded Solution

  • Purchase the white-label version of our service provider solution.
  • Incorporate your branding elements.
  • Sell to your clients to elevate their businesses.

Simple to Personalize

  • Achieve your specific objectives.
  • Excel in your market.
  • Benefit from solutions that are easy to customize and highly adaptable.

React Native Framework

  • Exceptional speed and performance with React Native at the core.
  • Simplified solution upgrades.

Technical Assistance

  • Includes 90 days of complementary technical support.
  • Assistance provided by our solution experts.
  • Support covers any system issues encountered.

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Comprehensive Feature Overview


Registration Process

Customers and service providers can quickly add the necessary details and sign up into the system.


Vetted Professionals

Service providers will provide their personal and identification details, then they can be verified by the admin user.


Service Provider Availability

Service providers can set their availability for all the week days with timings.


Request Management

Customers can create their home services requests and manage it from the mobile app.


Nearby Services

Customers can view nearby service providers according to their requested location. Customers can choose any service provider according to their needs.



Service providers can review requests and can accept requests in a limited time frame.


Request History

Service providers and customers can view their pending, accepted and completed request history from the app.


Real-Time Updates

Customers will get real-time updates via push notifications for their request status and can view all status updates in the request screen.


Online Payment

Customers can pay via debit/credit cards using payment gateway integration.


Request Information

Service Providers get essential details about their customers for a seamless request completion.


Google Map Integration

Solution has Google Map integration for showing nearby service provider users as well as location services.


Service Provider Details

Customers can view service provider details before sending them a service request.


Request Process

Service Providers can update status of request when arriving, starting and completing a request.


Review & Rating

Customers can rate their experience once a request is completed by providers.


Cancel Booking

Customers can cancel a request from their end when required.


Customer Management

Admin can view and manage customer accounts from the admin dashboard.


Service Provider Management

Admin can approve and manage service provider accounts from the admin dashboard.


Service Request Management

Admin can view and manage all service requests from the admin panel.


Service Category Management

Admin can manage service categories and fees based on the service category.


Review Management

Admin can manage all the user reviews received from customers.


Fee Management

Admin can manage their own commission fees from the admin panel.

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