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Looking to boost your store's visibility? Interested in transforming your retail space into a mobile storefront? Enhance your business growth and amplify your earnings through our specialized eCommerce app development for both web and mobile platforms.

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The Road to Implementation

If you're launching an eCommerce venture or aiming to gain a deeper understanding of the market, NEED Global stands as a premier provider of eCommerce app development services, offering a range of solutions tailored to your needs. With over a decade of experience in delivering standout solutions for the retail and eCommerce sectors, we offer a variety of ready-made solutions. As a top-tier software solutions provider with deep expertise in the eCommerce domain, we grasp the dynamics that drive customer purchases, their transition to online shopping, and their preferences. Leveraging our comprehensive expertise, we provide powerful solutions that establish a strong market presence for your business. Our ready-made solutions can be customized to enhance their relevance and value to your specific business needs. Adopting a mobile-first strategy, we are equipped to develop applications for iOS, Android, and various multi-platform requirements. Reach out to our team for all your eCommerce app development needs.


Branded Solution

  • Transform your eCommerce solution.
  • Incorporate unique and personalized branding elements.
  • Enhance customer experiences.

Flexible and Customizable

  • Solution flexibility for integrating new features.
  • Customizability to update existing features as needed.

Native Platform Technology

  • Enhanced performance and speed with native technologies.
  • Simplified upgrades for mobile apps.

Technical Assistance

  • 90 days of complementary technical support included.
  • Expert assistance for any system issues encountered.

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Comprehensive Feature Overview


Easy Registration & Login

Users can easily register using their basic details and login into the app. Admin can enroll vendors easily from the admin panel.


Online Payment Options

Through the end-user mobile app, customers can pay in cash or via debit/credit cards. The solution is customizable to include other payment options as well.


Product Catalog Customization

With the menu customization feature, the vendors can add unlimited categories. Vendors can create an attractive product catalog organized in categories with an unlimited number of products.


Cart Management

Customers can add and update carts from the mobile app.



Customers can add and view their favorites products as a wishlist.


Orders Details & Updates

Customers can view order details and get order status updates via in-app push notifications.


Review & Rating

Users can rate the products and overall ordering service.


Push Notifications

Users will get instant updates via in-app push notifications for their orders.


Customer Management

Admin can manage customer accounts from the admin dashboard.


Products Management

Admin can manage their products from the admin panel.


Order Management

Admin can manage all their orders from the admin panel.


Review Management

Admin can manage all the user reviews from mobile apps.


Fee Management

Admin can manage their commission fees from the admin panel.

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Yes, you can use your branding with your custom domain, logo, and brand.

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